About Larry Anderson

A long term resident of Delaware, artist Larry Anderson enjoys focusing his attentions to the beauty of the Eastern Seaboard’s sights and events.  Larry attempts to search out past and present nostalgia relating to “history in the making”.  Larry likes to keep his art inviting and have the feeling of being able to “walk in and stay” in his works for a while, creating the art that reflects our lives and times.

While Larry enjoys capturing the local lore and events that are unique to this area, he also enjoys “participation painting” incorporating other people’s ideas, memories and dreams into his art.  Larry is dedicated to preserving the history of the region, actively supporting causes and efforts by both participation and fundraising events.

Larry is from an artistic family.  His parents met in art school and his brother Jon is a professional artist as well.

Larry is a graduate of Fine Arts from the American Academy of Arts in Chicago, Illinois where he studied commercial illustration and watercolor. After being transferred to the Delaware Valley as an Electrical Engineer and Construction Manager in 1984 he began to realize his talents laid elsewhere and has spent the last 17 years of his life as a full time Artist and part time civic activist.

Pleases visit my website at www.larryanderson.com to see more about my artwork and events.

3 Responses to About Larry Anderson

  1. Allison says:

    Hey Larry, love all of the mini’s; have you done Woodside Farm (Creamery)yet? Hope you are having a creative summer!!

    • lsarepro says:

      Hi there: Thanks. How do I approve the post?

      I am largely doing commissions and surpise paintings so no posting is going on. Didi Jimmy John’s get on? How are you doing? What are you doing?


    • Diane Robbins says:

      Hi Larry. I was just about to email you a picture of P.S. Dupont. I had proposed the idea to you a short time ago. I was so happy to see that you already have it on your list. As a 1967 graduate of that school, I can’t wait to see the completion. Keep the artworks coming. I love every one of them.

      Diane Chicklo Robbins

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