St Joes on the Brandywine day 3

February 11, 2015

St Joes day 3 003I have to remember to know how to blog. Day 3 is attached. It is drawn, the sky is in, the stucco both in light and shadow is in and the steeple’s slate is shining where the sun is hitting it.

St. Joseph’s RC Church on the Brandywine

February 5, 2015

St Joe's on the Brandywine 017I am starting a painting today of St Joe’s on the Brandywine. We have had lots of requests for this image. It is apparently a very popular wedding destination. I will be posting progress along the way on this blog.

I will be at Framed 2 Perfection Art Gallery this Saturday November 15th from noon to 4pm. Framed 2 Perfection is located at Booth’s Corner Farmer’s Market. Gps is1362 Naamans Creek Road Garnet Valley, PA 19060. Their telephone # is 484-816-3007.

November 13, 2014


October 25, 2014

fall classic poster002

Conrad Final Information

August 29, 2014


Here is the final painting for Henry C. Conrad High School. Thank you for your many compliments and print reservations.

7″ x 9″ mini prints pre reserved at $20 unframed:

1 through 11, 21, 22, 25, 44, 48, 57, 59, 63 through 80


10 1/2″ x 14″ midi prints pre reserved at $40 unframed:

1 through 4, 60, 66, 70,74, 77, 78.


16″ x 22″ canvas unstretched, unframed at $200:


The minis and midis print today. I can be reached at or subscribe to my blog to be updated automatically. Thanks much: Larry Anderson 

Henry C. Conrad High School day 4

August 20, 2014

This is getting confusing. Allow me to explain. I will be offering the original painting which is 24″ x 18″ unframed, a canvas which will be 16″ x 22″ limited edition of 100 at $200 each unframed unstretched,  a 10 1/2″ x 14″ limited edition print of 1000 I call a midi at $40 each unframed, and the +/- 7″ x 9″ limited edition print of 1000 I call my mini at $20 each unframed which is the reserved list shown previously. People have been reserving low numbers and graduation year numbers for themselves and gifts. The sizes shown are image only.

Mini Reserved numbers 8/20/2014:

1 through 9, 44, 48, 59, 60, 63 though 80.

Midi Reserved numbers 8/20/2014:

1,2,3,60, 66, 77, 78

Canvas Reserved numbers 8/20/2014:



Henry C. Conrad High School day 3

August 18, 2014

You have seen the progress photo on the Conrad site. The following prints are reserved at the 7″ x 9″ at $20 unframed. 1 (Conrad)2,3,44,59,60,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,75,76,77,78,79. The rest are open to 1000.

I am considering a run of midis 10″ x 14″ that would be $40 unframed. Other than 1 which might go to Conrad instead numbers are open. There is also a 16″ x 22″ canvas available unstretched and unframed for $200. It’s almost the size of the originaland all numbers are open. The real painting is also available.

Contact me at with any particular questions. Also please click to receive my blogs as emails! 

Conrad day 1

August 12, 2014

Conrad day 1 003

Conrad High School day 1. It’s basic drawing plotted out. Will get a yearbook from print 72 for old window design. Thank you Harry Rogerson for all your help. Print #’s already taken: 1 (for Conrad), 44, 60, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 72, 73, 75. Thanks. Also on Face book Larry Anderson Painter of Memories

August 12, 2014

PS DuPont High School day 8

July 21, 2014

Today I painted windows. I added the dime in the photo to show how small they actually are.